Gruppo Alcuni is currently working on other several exciting new projects including a new series entitled “Leo da Vinci” (52X13’ in CGI) based on the characters and animation quality of the movie. We are going to finish the pre-production of the series and looking for co-production partners excited to get a really great show off the ground, and potentially collaborate on future of the series.

The completed movie and its spin-off series in production have a huge merchandising potential, as demonstrated in Italy, with numerous branded products produced so far.

Leo da Vinci – Mona Lisa Mission, full-length animated film for the cinema that will come out at the beginning of the year 2018. Aimed at a family target, the film will be a mixture of adventure and comedy and it will have an original Leonardo da Vinci as the main character in a teenage version that will be looking for an incredible treasure, against a group of pirates.